The complete loyalty platform

A loyalty management system for the most demanding ROI strategies

Easy to Configure + Built for Scale + Robust Architecture + Powered by Data-driven Intelligence

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The most reliable points & rewards wallet

A million transactions per day? No problem

Points, miles and cash back. Multiple rewards programs, LOBs, products and much more. A digital rewards wallet with the flexibility and configurations you need. The most accurate points registration system with zero margin of error.

Powerful rules engine

Customers earn points on anything – product usage, purchases, credit cards, activities and so on

Set up simple to complex point earning rules based on different attributes. Simulate and regression test your rules before launch.

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Campaigns and offers that convert

Flexible, integrated, and results-based

Create customer profiles on the basis of multidimensional data – spend, buy patterns, social media behaviour, financial profiles and so on. Make each campaign personalised and valuable to the customer.


Contextual and relevant campaigns

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Set up unique portal experiences

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Graphical visualisation of customer engagement

Data-driven insights & decisions

All the data you need to run better campaigns

Data-driven prediction and recommendations to help you make the right decisions. Insights to enable you to understand your customer better.

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Secure integrations

We help you integrate your CRM, applications and partners to create the most powerful loyalty platform.

A system architecture approved by global banks

99.9% uptime and top class service department

Quarterly internal and external audits, data encryption, continuous feature & security upgrades, traffic and uptime monitoring from 30 locations around the globe. Our system architecture is also designed to scale to billions of transactions per year.

The power to process millions of transactions

Deploying loyalty solutions since 2005

50 million


10 million

Transactions / month

2 million

Earn Txn per hour

7 billion

Points earned per year

Why R360

A customer engagement ecosystem

How we help you acquire, engage and retain customers

Loyalty, experience & rewards platform

Points & Customer Management

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Customer Segmentation

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Campaign Engine

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Global Rewards Platform

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High Level of Personalisation

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Platform Management

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Loyalty Program Management

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Concierge Services

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Best Practices

Data, analytics and success metrics

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Loyalty strategies & best practices

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